Road Trip Travels: Newquay (A very delayed post)

Hi all! It has been five months since I updated and that is in part to do with a busy life but also I needed a break from the computer so I apologise. I found this post in my drafts and realised I never finished the amazing trip we had. So here it is!

One of the main parts we had planned for our time away In Cornwall was to tick an item off our bucket list. This item was surfing! I have always wanted to go surfing since I was very small and was so happy to finally be able to try the water sport out!

Our first day arriving in Newquay would be the first day learning to surf. We booked with Bluewings Surf School with a 3 day package including accommodation. As soon as we were there we got suited up in our wetsuits and given a board each. You had to carry the boards as a pair to make the long walk down to Fistral beach a lot easier. it really helped to build muscle up in your arms over the 3 days and by the last day it actually felt easier. Once we traversed the long road down some stairs and over the rocks we set up for a quick intro on the beach. We were taught how to jump on the board, catch a wave and stand up. this, however, was only the practice. After around 10 minutes of on land training we got to jump straight in!

IMG_4608 IMG_4600

{Me and the boy with our surfboards}

It was soooo much fun! I loved every minute of it and managed to stand up several times on my first ever tries. The only part I found difficult was being able to catch a wave but by day three I was really getting the hang of it and was even able to manoeuvre the board round some waves! The instructors were fantastic and every day they would advance you a little more if you had been before. Brilliant instructors and would highly recommend them as a surfing school.

The accommodation was also fantastic. It was quite small but I loved this as it felt cosy and everything was spotless and very well thought out. The room had a TV, kettle, lots of tea and coffee as well as washing and eating implements provided and use of a fridge.

Three days of surfing definitely tired us out but before we had some early nights we went out for lots of yummy food in Newquay and a trip round the town as well as an afternoon trip to St Ives for some Fish and Chips! Perfect.







{From the top: Amazing burger at Belushi Newquay, Fish and chips in St Ives, Lovely fruit and vegetable shop, Some cute boxes in St Ives and the church}

Whilst I was there I really wanted to do some Yoga and managed to find a class on the beach!! I was so excited to try it early one morning before surfing later on. It ended up being one of my most favourite things of the trip. Not only was the instructor Jen from Shine Yoga friendly she was a fantastic teacher. The morning was perfect with a view of the waves, the sand under our toes and the sun shining down. It was the best yoga class I have ever had. I really felt like I was able to challenge myself and was a perfect start to the day.

IMG_4599 IMG_4597 IMG_4596

{An amazing yoga class on the beach. The first picture taken from Shine Yogas Instagram/facebook}

On the final day Ali and I spent the evening on the rocks watching the surfers and the sunset. It was perfection!

IMG_4607 IMG_4604 IMG_4609

{Watching the sun set and having fun on the rocks}

Newquay was everything I hoped and I wish I could spend my weekends surfing and doing yoga all the time. Cornwall you have my heart! Overall the whole holiday was one of the best I have had in a long time. From countryside, to beach side, Surfing and Yoga, great food and scones as well as plenty of relaxing and exercise all combined. Take me back? xoxo


Happiness is.. (Amongst the chaos)



I decided recently that I would change the name of thankful Sunday to this! What do you think?

I haven’t been posting very regularly again but life has been chaotic as we are having to move out of our flat this week due to our tenancy ending before we move to our house. Unfortunately our house is delayed till the end of November so we have to move to a friends meaning our furniture and many other millions of accumulated bits and bobs are having to be stored in a number of places. This has meant a lot of my day to day regular have become more difficult to keep on top of but it’s all for an exciting future! So here is what happiness has been for me during stressful times!

– Early morning Sunday walks in the forest with a hot chocolate at the end. This is going to be a ritual for me now because it made me feel so happy to escape the city and reminded me of home.
– Friends pulling together to help us move or even just motivating and cheering us up.
– Amazing dinners that have been had. Roasts, Mac ‘N Cheese and more.
– Getting ready for our first competition of the season.
– Sitting with tea and reading in the early mornings.


Road Trip Travels: Cornwall- Acorn Camping and Glamping

Hi lovely readers!! I have finally gotten around to writing up another post on our holiday!

We left Devon fairly early on the next day to head to the campsite we were staying at for one evening before our trip to Newquay. We also stayed at this campsite for two more nights after our time in Newquay so I thought I would combine the 3 days into one post. The site was called Acorn Camping and Glamping located next to St Austell and the Luxulyan Valley as well as being a short walk away from The Eden Project.

I was thoroughly impressed with the campsite (especially considering the previous one the two nights before). It was out in the countryside next to a forest (exactly what I wanted) and was run by a lovely family!

The toilets, showers and wash areas were extremely clean and very quaint as they were hand made huts with wooden signs saying “busy” or “free”. Although I had to be very brave and get over my fear of spiders. So proud of myself!


There was a firepit where the owners often hosted storytelling, circus performances and hunts for children and adults. This often included trips into the forest where there were flags, trees decorated in fun items and seating for aerial gymnastics in the trees!



As well as camping there was the opportunity to do some glamping in hobbit huts and bell tents. Absolutely recommend staying here! I will definitely be going back to stay in the Hobbit hide away sometime in the future!

We began our first stay here by making some lunch and relaxing. This gave me the perfect opportunity to catch up on some reading. It was great having some fresh air and relaxing time! Sometimes you just need to get away from the city!

P1050853 P1050855 P1050857

We also checked out the forest where we saw all the fun trails and all the hidden away huts.

P1050917 P1050921  P1050881 P1050886

When we came back the Monday we carried on using the time to relax, eat good food and enjoy the countryside. Of course we also took the time to toast marshmallows and make smores!! Yummy!

P1060013 P1060014

P1050946We made sure to check out the Luxuluyan Valley which was amazing. We did not manage see all the sites on the trail but we did see the Aquaduct and an old water mill for the mining trains.

P1060124 P1060126 P1060135 P1060125P1060143 P1060151 P1060157 P1060168 P1060180 P1060184 P1060187

We had some fun wandering around the woods as well as seeing some amazing views from atop the Aquaduct. It was fascinating seeing some old history from the Aquaduct, the water mill and there were loads of ruins around. Amazing place!

We also had the opportunity to go for a cornish cream tea with some old friends who happened to be in the area! Amazing being able to catch up!

I have so many more photos from our time in the valley and campsite that I may do a photo diary at one point but for now here is a snippet of photos! I hope you enjoyed reading about this part of our trip! I will hopefully be able to post our trip to Newquay soon to complete the trilogy of posts!!


Thankful Sunday


The past month I have had a lot of ups and downs but no matter what there are so many things I am grateful for that have kept me positive through out. Ultimately I am really lucky and I am grateful for all that I have! So here is the run down:

  • My amazing fiancé who is always so understanding no matter what!
  • My fantastic friends who send me emails when I need cheering up and make me laugh so much.
  • Seeing our house for the first time since we made the big decision to buy a new build! Not long now!! Eek!
  • Going away to France with some amazing people and even though we had some ups and downs (missing flights etc) we had a fun time with sunshine, cheese, a trip to Monaco and fun down the beach. Oh and Laduree Macarons..yum!
  • The new and amazing colleagues I have at work.
  • My mum for always being there and being awesome.
  • Autumn and the chance to wear scarves and boots! Oh and yay pumpkins!
  • Having a fantastic and relaxing Sunday with friends and the boy.
  • Trying Zumba for the first time and realising I can dance.
  • Tea…no explanation required.

Hope your having a fantastic Sunday, I know I have!


Road Trip Travels: Devon

As you know from previous posts (and if you have been following me on twitter or instagram) Ali and I have been on holiday recently around the Devon and Cornwall area but as it was for a week and we packed in loads I thought I would break the posts up!

Our first trip was towards Plymouth. We were meeting some friends in the city as the British Fireworks Championships were on for two nights (the boys definitely planned this). The first day we set up at the campsite we booked ahead of schedule in a place called Brixton (not the London one). The campsite was OK but I personally do not think it would have been worth £14 a night (we paid £12 a night which even then I would be reluctant to say it was worth it). It was clean and had enough facilities but the camping area was very small but it was just a plain grass field and had no real “camping” feel. In all honesty we did not stay there long enough for it to be an issue so for that the campsite was great as a place to go back and sleep.

We did have an issue initially when we arrived as the tent we had was not in good shape when we opened it up so we decided to go buy a new one! Argos provided a great 4 man on sale! Perfect and spontaneous!


Once the tent drama was over we headed into Plymouth to meet our friends! We parked up, had a minor concussion incident (Ali accidentally hit my head with the car boot) and arrived at the Plymouth University Caffeine Club Cafe (24 hours- wish I had this at my uni). we both bought a pint of tea AMAZING!! I had a quick refuel with a jacket, cheese and beans (the best) and my tea then we headed to watch the fireworks. They were being set off at The Hoe in Plymouth so we found a spot to settle down in (so busy) and got ready to watch. They were pretty immense and the view of the boats with the fireworks above was amazing. Some mental people decided to swim out in the sea to watch! It was freezing and so windy I was slightly worried for their lives!


{Pints of tea..amazing}

The next day we found a wood in Plymbridge to wander round before we met back up with our friends for lunch in the River Cottage Canteen in Plymouth. Some of it was closed off (sad face) but we managed to find some parts of it to walk in. Nice to get a bit of nature in and break in my wellies!P1050688

P1050730P1050722 P1050736 P1050699

River Cottage Canteen was a part of the holiday I was sooooo excited about! I absolutely love watching Hugh on River Cottage and love his food and recipes! It did not disappoint. The actual restaurant was lovely and rustic and they had a little pantry to shop in also. I had some plaice with potatoes and vegetables and it was gorgeous! Thinking about it now I could eat it again!P1050813

P1050795 P1050779P1050796{From Top-Bottom: The entrance, my main, amazing local cider and Alis main}

For pudding I had Eton Mess and it was the best Eton Mess I have ever had! The other parts I was a massive fan of was that the menu is changed every day and you could see the chefs cooking (plus they looked like they were having fun as a team and really seemed to get on which I liked seeing a good dynamic between them).

P1050806 P1050811

{My pudding on top and Alis below}

After that we went for a long wander round Plymouth down The Barbican till we came back to The Hoe ready for the final night of fireworks. Here we settled with snacks, hot chocolate and a good view.

20140812_215726 20140812_220009 20140812_222021

That concludes our time in Devon as the next day we headed off to Cornwall which will tell you all about in another post!




Hi guys! I am really sorry I have not updated for a while! I have been trying to sort through all my holiday photos (across two devices and two cameras ahh) and sort my laptop out as well as work out Lightroom. So mixed with tech issues and work getting in the way I have neglected the blog! I will be back I promise with a more organised run of posts. For now here is a pretty picture from our holidays!!


Monday Motivation


This quote is something that I can relate to! As a competitive cheerleader I have been told by negative individuals that “if you haven’t got it you won’t ever get it”. This has fuelled me to prove them wrong and each day I am doing that. Each day I achieve something in fitness, strength, flexibility that I couldn’t do before. I may not be the best but I aim to be the best and I am always trying again and again. Be it in fitness, health, daily life, work I believe you need to always keep trying because every failure is a lesson and makes you a better and stronger person! I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t kept trying!

Monday Motivation- Adventures and Holidays

I have been off on holidays and adventures for the past week. Unable to post due to lack of internet but loving the peace. I have around 2-3 days left but have been embracing every minute, from surfing to sunsets and yoga on the beach it has been amazing. This weeks motivation is something I am trying to ensure I will be able to do in the future and so far I am achieving. I want to be able to look back and know I made the most of life!!
Hope your all having a fantastic summer!