Happiness is…

This week has been a very busy one…no infact an extremely busy one. But no matter how busy it gets I always try to ensure I try to maintain a certain amount of gratitude for the little things. So here are those little things!

– My Rose at the front of my house finally flowering..so pretty.

-Getting back to pilates after a couple of weeks off and making improvements.

-Having a beautiful bunch of sunflowers in my front room.

-When the rain pours down and I am cosy inside with a blanket and cup of tea.

-Having our first BBQ of the year in our new house on our new BBQ.

-Taking some time to just relax and read a magazine.

-Spending time with loved ones..always.

-Making plans for the future as well as for our week off that is coming up!

What made you happy this week?


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