Life lately

It has been a busy old time of late! We have been in the process of buying a new build house and it has been scary and exciting! Last week we had the mortgage people come to our house to discuss all the details so touch wood all goes to plan from here! We also got to choose our kitchen, flooring and tiles for our new home and that was amazing! So much fun to plan our future home! We pay our deposit next month and once that is complete we can start making bigger plans!

As well as that I have been moved departments at work for 6-8 weeks to get my training up and running and I have felt a lot happier than I have in a while. Here’s to this being the start of good things. It’s been hard for me to feel confident in myself for a while now and I’m hoping that I am getting back to my old self!

I have been back to cheer a lot more and loving Pilates so much! I really enjoy being active and my knee is feeling better and better each week! I have not been running as much but each morning I do yoga and pilates so keeping active.

One of my goals this next month is to do more creative things. So I have started baking again, below is my latest creations! Plus I really want to try knitting and crochet as I would love to make my own blankets etc.




I have been doing some wedding planning also so feeling very grown up at the moment but suitably excited!


Here’s to even more good times to come!



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