Feeling Lucky


It’s Friday and I am super happy!

The day did not start out particularly well but here is a few things that made my mood drastically change!!


-Matcha Tea- My second day of trying the amazing teapigs drink

-Cream cheese bagels for lunch

-The Chiropractor telling me I am improving a lot

-The Circle of Life playing on the radio in the car! Brought back amazing memories of seeing The Lion King stage performance in London to celebrate our engagement. One of my happiest memories!

-The boy awaiting me at the front door with a Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte (whilst they are still available I am getting the most out of the seasonal offerings from both Starbucks and Costa)

-As well as a Starbucks he purchased some yummy food to celebrate Chinese New Year and a bottle of wine (It is Friday after all!)

-Listening to some amazing playlists on Spotify

-Discussing future plans, looking at houses and talking about our wedding

-Having a long catch up conversation with one of my favourite people

So even though today started off all wrong it ended up so right!

Have an awesome Friday everyone!

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